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Children's Playhouse

Children's Playhouse

PROJECT #: 3246

Barrio Pacífico is an impoverished shantytown clinging to the mountainside on the edge of the city of Medellín. About 600 children from the barrio are left alone for extended periods of time while their parents work. These children struggle with depression, sadness, and hopelessness. The uneducated and untrained adult population work at poorly-paid, unstable jobs which barely provides enough income to support their families, let alone to pay for child care. Assassins, prostitutes, and drug dealers roam at will through neighbourhoods making it extremely dangerous for children who are on their own in the absence of their parents.

For $14 a month, a child can play in safety at the Children's Playhouse, connected with the only Christian church in the area. There they are supervised by believers, receive a meal, and learn about Jesus. You can have an impact through this family-oriented program which has the potential to change a whole community.

Cost: $14 per child per month

Pray for the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of children that attend Children’s Playhouse. Pray that they would be impacted by the hope and love of Christ in a meaningful way.

Project overseer: Claudia Cardona