Mission + Vision


Francophone Church Planting through Partnership

Fellowship National brokers and Regions manage new Francophone church plants in Quebec and other French-speaking regions within Canada through direct and strategic partnerships.


Reaching Canada's least reached people

Fellowship Baptist churches and individual donors will continue to establish collaborative relationships with Francophone church plants until French Canadians self-identify at 2-3% evangelical Christian (currently 0.8%).


Fulfilling the missional dreams of our Donors

Pray—We value intercessory prayer as key to accomplishing our mission and vision.

Partnership—We value our family relationship with Fellowship churches and Regions and commit to serve with integrity and accountability.

Respect—We commit to respectfully assist our Regions and churches in reaching French Canadians through approved Regional church plant initiatives.

Personnel—We are committed to cross-cultural ministry to Francophone Canadians, and so Quebec is an “approved field” of service. Individuals interested in missionary service in Quebec should contact Fellowship International.

Excellence—We are committed to the highest standards in every aspect of the partnership process and donor experience.


Seven Partners for Seven Years equals One Church Plant (7 x 7 =1)

Fellowship National will broker seven partners for seven years for each new Francophone church plant; each partnership shares in prayer, resources, work teams, and financial support. Fellowship National brokers partners outside the Region, while the Region brokers partners inside the Region. Available partnerships are brokered (established) in the following ways:

  • Mother Church (Antioch) Partnerships: The Region supports a Mother Church as she daughters a new French church plant. The Region manages these partnerships.
  • Church Plant Partnership: The Region approves French church plants with Regional assessed/approved church planters. The Regions manage these partnerships.
  • Project Partnership: The Region identifies strategic areas in the Region needing special Gospel penetration among Francophones. A project is established in concert with Fellowship National and a national-wide fundraising campaign is created and administered by Fellowship National.
  • Individual Partnership: Partnerships between individual donors and Francophone church plants will be brokered by Fellowship National. The Regions will manage these “Individual Partnerships” by ensuring regular communication occurs between the donor and their French church plant.