Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

How does the 7 partners X 7 years = 1 church plant work?

Ideally, we are aiming to raise up seven partners for a seven-year commitment for each one of our Francophone projects. Each partner commits human and financial resources to the project over a seven-year period. We are trusting that the relationship that will develop will be mutual. Furthermore, we plant reproducing churches, so the surpluses that will accumulate over this period can then be designated towards the new church’s first daughter church.

Why are we still sending money to Quebec?

The simple answer is we need funding to plant churches in all Regions of Canada including Quebec. However, our French Region is a unique case with only 0.8% of 7.3 million French Canadians self-identifying as evangelical Christian. The rest of Canada self-identifies as evangelical Christian in much larger percentages. English-speaking Canadians (14.3 million) self-identified as evangelical Christian at 16.1% (from the 2011 Joshua Project study). This makes Quebec as needy as Pakistan (0.6%), Japan (0.6%), and Poland (0.4%) when it comes to outreach and church planting.

Very few nations are sending missionaries to Quebec (typically Canada is viewed as a "reached" nation at 7.7% evangelical), and so it remains a God-given responsibility for English Canadians to reach for Christ their fellow Canadians who happen to speak French.

All our Fellowship of churches are committed to help church planting in French Canada until 2-3% of French Canadians self-identify as evangelical Christian. We ask that you and your church join in this solemn commitment.

How may I partner with a Francophone project?

There continues to be a tremendous need for individuals and churches to partner with our Francophone projects. Those interested are encouraged to contact Steven Jones, National President.

Is it possible to get an up-close look at the Francophone projects?

Steven Jones, Fellowship National President, takes a small group of pastors and church leaders on a 48 hour tour to visit several current Francophone church plants in Quebec. Two separate Quebec Vision Tours (QVT) happen each year — in June and October. If you or your church are interested, contact Steven Jones, National President.