How Does it Work?

Here are some easy to follow steps to utilize the services of ADVISORS with Purpose:

  1. Connect with ADVISORS with Purpose by phone at 1-866-580-9319 or by email at to book an appointment with an estate specialist.
  2. The estate specialist will connect with you by phone to review your information, ask some key questions, and help you consider some options.
  3. Next, the estate specialist will prepare a personalized plan for you and follow up with you by phone to review the plan, ask questions, and talk about next steps.
  4. The final step is for you to meet with your lawyer and other financial professionals to implement the plan as you wish. Your lawyer can prepare your will according to the choices you have made.

There is no cost or obligation to those who utilize the services offered by ADVISORS with Purpose. It is completely confidential and the estate planners will never try to sell you any product.


Free Estate Plan?
If you would like to speak with an estate specialist and go through the process yourself, click here to contact ADVISORS with Purpose.