Church Planned Giving Resources

A number of resources are available through ADVISORS with Purpose to assist churches as they work with those in their congregations in the area of planned giving. These include:

Phone seminars or video seminars covering a variety of topics including: “Why you Need a Will”; “Tax Strategies for your RRSP”, “Vacation Properties and Primary Home”; “How you can Avoid/Eliminate Estate Taxes”.

Stewarding Your Stuff is a small group or individual study on the topic of stewardship and planned giving. This book and video is a four-part study with solid teaching and reflections on stewardship. It reminds us that God owns everything and we serve as His stewards. Estate planning from a Biblical perspective is the most significant act we will ever undertake. The result of a Kingdom-building planned gift from our estate is like casting a stone into the lake. Its ripple effect will continue to impact the world for Christ in continuous, ever increasing circles reaching further and further, touching more and more people until Christ returns.

Communication Support for the Local Church — The team at ADVISORS with Purpose would be happy to help you communicate estate planning services to your church family in the best way for your congregation. We have articles, bulletin inserts, videos, posters, and phone/video seminars available and we will work with you individually.

Any questions?

If you would like more information on how you can share this partnership with your congregation, please contact Tanya Prinsep: 1-866-580-9319 (Ext. 108) or via email.