Meet Gary Carter

Gary Carter is a church specialist serving in existing churches and especially helping to start churches. He is President of Kainos International Ministries. Kainos focuses on new initiatives in several countries. Gary is more a “ministry imagineer” and “ministry engineer” than he is as a “ministry implementeer.” In his coaching he helps people structure newness into their lives and ministries.

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-Life on the Zipline—From Fear to Awe (Kainos Enterprises)
(authored by Gary Carter, Warwick Cooper, Robin Pifer, Douglas Rowley [Compass Coaching International]) - $15 paperback; Kindle $8.97
-Drop by Sometime (authored by Gary Carter) - $15 paperback; $8.97 Kindle
-How to Reproduce Your Church (Kainos Enterprises)
(authored by Gary Carter, Timothy Starr) $10 paperback
-See You Next Week! The Ultimate Church Welcoming System (Kainos Enterprises) (authored by Gary Carter, Robin Pifer) - $15 paperback; $8.97 Kindle
-Church Ministry: How to Crank It Up without Getting Cranky (Kainos Enterprises) - $15 paperback; $8.97 Kindle