Meet Kenton Anderson

Kent Anderson is President of Northwest Baptist Seminary and Professor of Homiletics at ACTS Seminaries of Trinity Western University in Langley, BC. Formerly, Kent was a Fellowship Baptist Pastor in several churches in Western Canada. He is a past-president of the Evangelical Homiletics Society and has operated since 1997. Kent has been married to Karen, a Baptist Housing Chaplain, for close to 30 years. Together they have three adult children. Kent loves playing golf and guitar.

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-Choosing to Preach: A Comprehensive Introduction to Sermon Options and Structures (Zondervan 2006) $25 plus shipping
-Preaching with Integrity (Kregel 2003) $10 plus shipping
-Preaching with Conviction: Communicating to Postmodern Listeners (Kregel 2001) $10 plus shipping
Each of these books champion the “integrative model” of preaching wherein the preacher serves to “help the listener hear from God.” While Choosing is a more traditional textbook, the Preaching With… books use the novel form to teach people more effective and creative ways to preach the Word of God in contemporary settings.

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