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Chile Wildfire Relief
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Chile Wildfire Relief

PROJECT #: 3204


The Emergency

Over 160 wildfires have been burning through Chile since February 2nd, 2024, and they were likely caused by criminal activity. Over 130 people have lost their lives, with many more still missing (as of February 7th, 2024). On February 6th, Fellowship International missionaries Antonio and Hélène Bascuñan shared an update and prayer request in the Fellowship International prayer room.

One of the hardest-hit cities, Viña del Mar, is where the mother church of their church plant is located, roughly an hour’s drive there from San Felipe, not far from where the Bascuñans are currently living. Many of the communities in the area, including San Felipe, are under curfew and may need to evacuate if the fires can’t be controlled.

The Need

The Bascuñans reported that over 3,000 houses have been completely destroyed, with another 15,000 houses damaged to varying degrees by the wildfires. Immediate needs for evacuees include essential supplies like food, water, hygiene essentials, and emergency housing. Once families are able to return to their homes and assess the damage, they will need assistance in rebuilding. The majority of the people living in the hills surrounding the city have no insurance and they have little to no resources to rebuild on their own.

Responding to the Need

In response to the enormous need, Antonio and Hélène will be working with their local church network to minister to those most affected by the wildfires. These churches have a wealth of experience to draw from in serving both the practical and spiritual needs of those affected by emergencies like these wildfires. The church has already identified 38 families in need of support, and will add to that list as funds and their capacity allows.

Funds raised through FAIR’s Chile Wildfire Relief project will empower the local church to share the love of Christ in tangible ways such as distributing immediate relief in the form of essential supplies, help with rebuilding in the months and years to come, and emotional and spiritual care for those affected in their own communities.

Would you consider how the Lord is calling you to respond to this great need?


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