Past Emergency Appeals

Below is a listing of FAIR's past emergency appeals by year since 2015. Note that this list does not include FAIR's special or mini-appeals.



AFGHANISTAN: Refugee relief (September 2021)

HAITI: Earthquake relief (August 2021)

INDIA: COVID crisis (Spring 2021)

D.R. CONGO: Volcano eruption refugee relief (May 2021)

MYANMAR: Myanmar coup (February 2021)



HONDURAS: Hurricane Eta (November 2020)

LEBANON: Beirut port explosion (August 2020)



MALAWI: Cyclone Idai (March 2019)



INDONESIAEarthquake relief (October 2018)

PHILIPPINES: Typhoon Mangkhut (September 2018)

GUATEMALA: Volcano relief (June 2018)

AFRIN: Refugee relief (March 2018)



MEXICO: Earthquake relief (September 2017)

CARIBBEAN:  Hurricane Irma/Maria  (September 2017)

QUEBEC: Flood relief (May 2017)

COLOMBIA: Mocoa flood relief (April 2017)



HAITI:  Hurricane relief (October 2016)

ALBERTA: Wildfire relief (May 2016)

JAPAN: Earthquake relief (April 2016)

ECUADOR:  Earthquake relief (April 2016)



HONDURAS:  Flooding relief (October 2015)

SYRIA: Refugee relief (September 2015)

MYANMAR: Flood relief (August 2015)


For emergency projects prior to 2015, contact the FAIR office.