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Morocco earthquake relief

Morocco earthquake relief

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The Emergency

On Friday September 8, at 11:11pm local time, a powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit central Morocco, close to Marrakesh. As of September 11, more than 2,800 people had been confirmed dead and 2,500 injured. Many remote mountain communities were in the worst-hit region. As emergency rescue crews continue to work to find those trapped in the rubble, these numbers are expected to rise.

The Need

The most immediate need for those affected by the earthquake is shelter, since many homes were damaged beyond use. There is also immediate need for food, water, and medicines. As the focus shifts from recovery to rebuilding, there will also be a need for counselling and rebuilding assistance.

Responding to the Need

FAIR is responding to this great need through the Morocco Earthquake Relief emergency appeal. By partnering with a like-minded organization that already has personnel on the ground in Morocco, as well as the pre-existing local church contacts of Fellowship International missionaries, we will be able to respond quickly to the needs as they develop. Funds raised will be used to purchase food, water, and other immediately necessary supplies, as well as rebuilding and recovery resources for those most affected by the earthquake.

Would you join us and help bring Christ’s love to Morocco today?

RAISED: $ 24,169.00