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Journey With a Child

Journey With a Child

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Life is often described as a journey. There is a start and an end to each one, but the circumstances and decisions that happen along the way shape the twists and turns of our paths. No matter where our journey begins, our companions along the way can make a huge difference. The absence of healthy parents, mentors, teachers, or coaches in the life of a child (or the presence of unhealthy ones) can have devastating consequences. On the other hand, regular encouragement and constructive input can alter a child's outlook on life and their ability to care for themselves and others. These companions can mean the difference between a life well lived in the service of others and God, or the destruction of goodness and pursuit of unhealthy, worldly desires.

"Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6 NIV

The Fellowship Child Sponsorship program seeks to empower children, families, and their communities through holistic ministry committed to the development of the whole person. Although most sponsors will never meet their sponsored child in person, they act as life journey companions to vulnerable children in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Lebanon, and Sri Lanka. Monthly sponsorship donations give access to education and school supplies; provide a safe place for these children to find physical health and wellbeing; support environments that are built on love, respect, and hope; and gives them an opportunity to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour. The relatively small act of these sponsors creates ripple effects in the lives of the children and youth, helping them transition into thriving adults.

To help increase the ability of Fellowship Child Sponsorship ministry locations to impact the lives of the children they minister to, FAIR's Journey with a Child special appeal is seeking to raise $200,000. Funds raised will go towards sustainability or child empowerment projects with Casa Hogar (Honduras), Cedar Home (Lebanon), Clementia Life Centre (Lebanon), and Joy Foundation (Dominican Republic).

These projects are designed to help the programs continue to provide the holistic care these vulnerable children need so much. FAIR is also seeking 100 new sponsorships for each ministry location to ensure their financial stability in the face of the inflation being experienced globally.

When you support Fellowship Child Sponsorship, you make a long-lasting, holistic impact in the life of a child, providing love for today, and hope for tomorrow.

Would you consider how the Lord is calling you to respond today?


PRAY that through this appeal, Fellowship Child Sponsorship ministry locations would experience greater financial stability and the children would be empowered to live fruitful, God-led lives. Pray that more children and sponsors would know the special bond of sponsorship.


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RAISED: $ 52,323
GOAL: $ 200,000