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Bring Back the Buffalo

Bring Back the Buffalo

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“At first, I thought this would not be that important, but the buffalo have become a tangible symbol of reconciliation for our people. We have a sense of pride. The buffalo are back on our land. It has given our people, both young and old, a sense of pride. It has helped us lift our heads up. We are appreciated.

“As a Christian, they are a symbol of the majestic splendor of God’s creation.”

—from Pastor Bill Desnomie – First Nation Pastor of LOV Ministries and former Peepeekisis First Nation Band Council member


Reconciliation can be an important step in the journey to bringing social justice to peoples who live with the realities of social injustice. In Canada, we don’t need to look outside our borders to find opportunities for reconciliation. For hundreds of years, First Nations peoples suffered under unjust social systems and attitudes which created barriers to actively participating in their languages, cultural expression and traditions, and healthy communities. One example of the injustice that First Nations peoples have experienced was the intentional hunting and eradication of buffalo herds that once roamed the Canadian prairie provinces. You can learn more about the significance of the buffalo to prairies First Nations at tearfund.ca/bringbackthebuffalo.

FAIR is partnering with Tearfund to help bring back the buffalo to Treaty 4 land. The goal is to raise at least $5,000 which will contribute to a larger, multi-generational reconciliation process initiated by the organization. The vision of Tearfund’s Bring Back the Buffalo project is “to plant at least ten Buffalo herds on First Nations land as an act of reconciliation, identity restoration, friendship, and the love of our Creator.”

How it Works

  1. A First Nation community designates their own land and builds fencing for the buffalo.
  2. A starter herd of 24 buffalo are delivered to the First Nation community. As of 2023, three herds have been delivered.
  3. Loka Koa, one of Tearfund’s partners, provides training in feeding and general care of the buffalo as well as modelling cultural pride and understanding of indigenous identity.
  4. The buffalo are managed and cared for by the First Nations community. The buffalo act as a source of learning and as a symbol of reconciliation.
  5. Over the next five years, the herd grows to over 100 buffalo.
  6. Out of this herd, 22 buffalo will be used to start a new herd on another First Nation so that this act of reconciliation can spread to more communities.

Stories of Impact

Video credit: Tearfund Canada

How You Can Help


You can help provide a part of what is needed to establish a new herd. The First Nations community along with many church partners are all contributing to cover the costs of each new herd.


Learn more about First Nations culture from communities that are near you. Check out the Fellowship’s list of resources on this subject.


All acts of reconciliation need to be rooted in prayer. Pray for God to heal broken relationships and for Canada to be known as a country that seeks reconciliation.

GOAL: $ 20,000