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PROJECT #: 3002

Slavery still exists in Canada. It may look different than it did in 1807 when it was made illegal, but slavery, especially in the form of sexual exploitation, is just as present today. In fact, today's technology makes sexual exploitation even easier — as easy as buying used furniture.

The women and girls affected by human trafficking and sexual exploitation are effectively trapped, and must overcome significant hurdles if they want to exit the sex trade. These hurdles often include addiction (drugs are often used to lower inhibitions and make the victim more "biddable"), isolation, lack of family support, PTSD, mental illness, lack of education, lack of social skills, and the inability to respond to the needs of others in healthy ways.

The mission of BridgeNorth, FAIR's partner agency, is to restore the inherent dignity and value of sexually exploited women and girls by meeting their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. What makes BridgeNorth unique among many agencies is the spiritual component to the services offered. You can read more about FAIR's partnership with BridgeNorth here.

How can you help?

On average it takes three to five years for a participant in the program to achieve a healthy, independent life. FAIR is seeking to raise funds to help BridgeNorth empower women and girls seeking to leave the sex trade. Funds raised will help provide housing, food, medicine, transportation, education, counselling, legal support, and access to a peer mentor for participants.
Would you prayerfully consider supporting the recovery of these modern-day slaves?