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Industrious Women
D.R. Congo

Industrious Women

PROJECT #: 3295


"In Africa, you don't have to go far to make a difference."

—Dr. John V

Being trapped in poverty means more than simply not having the money needed to provide the basics for one’s family. The lack of reliable social systems like good education, child care, or medical care makes the situation even more challenging. In some countries, even those with a good education can't find a job, because they just don't exist.

Extreme poverty is the daily reality for over 77 million people who live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where Fellowship International missionaries Richard and Brenda Flemming serve. Their local Congolese church partners see and experience this within their communities on a daily basis.

Creating change can be simpler and less expensive than we assume. This is especially true for Congolese women. They don’t want a handout. But a helping hand to start a small business can make all the difference. When you empower a motivated and entrepreneurial woman, you are contributing not only to her own development and well-being, but also to greater stability for the entire family.

Through the Industrious Women mini-appeal, FAIR is seeking to raise $25,000 to establish a small business grant fund for women entrepreneurs. Facilitated by the local church, they will have the opportunity to submit a business proposal and receive a small business grant to help their ideas become a reality. The sum needed to start a small business in this context is not large, but it can have a huge impact, strengthening the financial stability and outlook of the woman and her family, their relationship with the local church, and the variety and type of services available within the community.

Would you consider supporting Industrious Women today?

Please pray that as more women gain the ability to start a small business through the local church, that the impact on their families and community will glorify God.

RAISED: $ 10,950
GOAL: $ 25,000