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Literacy Training
D.R. Congo

Literacy Training

PROJECT #: 3258

Illiteracy is a huge issue in the Congo with devastating outcomes on both personal and societal levels. It particularly affects girls and women, 43% of whom never learn to read or write. There are programs that exist to help remediate this problem, but for some, even the minimal cost needed to purchase primers and pencils proves to be an obstacle to them benefitting from this opportunity.

Funds raised through this project will purchase supplies for young women who are going through literacy training in French and Lingala at the Camp Luka community centre.

∙ $20 – 10 books
∙ $10 – One Bible
· $600 for training program supplies

Pray that as these young women are taught to read, they will see many new opportunities for the future.

Project overseers: Richard and Brenda Flemming