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Jacob and Rachel

CHURCH: Departure Bay, BC

In 2016, Jacob and Rachel embarked on their journey as full-time missionaries in Ahousaht First Nation, BC. They and their family are dedicated to serving together with a goal of connecting with all age groups and developing deep friendships.

They write, “[Our] true desire is to see God plant an Ahousaht First Nation church by raising the holy generation among young people who are less impacted by history. The major role [for us] is becoming spiritual parents until the [next] generation grows true disciples of Christ.”

While Jacob and Rachel had been praying for the Ahousaht, God directed them to Luke 10:33-34. These verses filled their hearts with compassion for the Ahousaht people, and God led them to go, bandage their wounds, and take care of them as demonstrated in the story of the good Samaritan.

Sensing the Lord’s leading, the Hwangs travelled to Ahousaht with a deep desire to build relationships with those living on the reserve. They believed God would reveal His power by healing their wounds. They were amazed as they saw God’s hand at work. Over the next year, they visited the community every weekend, travelling for four hours by car and water taxi to serve children and youth. Ahousaht people provided a house for their family to live in while there. They realized that God had prepared everything they need ahead of their mission journey. They went there to become the neighbour, but Ahousaht people MADE THEM FAMILY.

한국어로  [In Korean]

Jacob and Rachel share: “God is also calling us to become their true neighbours and no longer have them be abandoned. God wants us to go, bandage, and take care of them likewise. Jesus said to us, ‘You go, and do likewise.’ Luke 10:37”