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CHURCH: Church of the City, Guelph, ON

Dave and his wife Donna have been formally involved in member care to missionaries since November 1992. At that time, and as a young family with two elementary school-aged daughters, they first traveled to Pakistan to begin a commitment to provide care for Fellowship and World Venture (USA) missionaries. Dave and Donna did this while maintaining their pastoral leadership in their church. Not only was the three months in residence life changing and fruitful, it also launched them as a couple into member care with Fellowship International that continues to this day.

In 2004 Dave stepped away from pastoral ministry to join Fellowship International full time. As newly appointed missionaries, they were assigned to open fields in the south of Africa, by developing a partnership with churches in the country of South Africa. They completed their assignment within the year, forming a partnership with the Baptist Union of South Africa (BUSA). The Lord called them back to pastoral work in BC following that year in Africa. Dave was then asked to lead Fellowship International by Fellowship President Steve Jones. He did this from 2014 to 2020.

As Fellowship International Director, Dave notes that the mission’s recruitment increased and the vision of the mission was refocused on discipleship, integrating their vision, values and strategies into a cohesive whole.

Now as a formally retired couple, Dave and Donna are continuing to provide member care through such tools as Skype, Zoom, phone calls and in country visits as any country permits. Dave is currently working towards his coaching accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (USA) and now offers life/executive coaching to missionaries, pastors and other Christian leaders who seek him out.

Dave and Donna are grateful to the Lord for a change in life season that allows them to invest in their family while continuing to care for and invest in the lives of missionaries around the world.