Ministry Personnel



CHURCH: Longbranch Baptist, Toronto, ON

Significant Dates:

· Appointed for ministry to France, 1988.
· Departed for field in 1990.

The Walls have been serving in the heart of France since 1990. They see themselves as “multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-talented” as they seek to unite with others in Christ and follow Jesus on His mission. They have been involved in starting communities of faith gathered around Jesus in the Paris area. God has used them to establish two vibrant churches and to develop leadership in these local communities. They are presently involved in helping to establish a third group of believers in the Paris area with their friends.

Another major focus of the Walls ministry has been in the area of leadership training and resourcing the francophone church with strategic literature. These are intended to help better equip and mobilize the French-speaking Christians for greater involvement in God’s mission. In this regard, Mac spends part of his time travelling to teach key missional leaders in several Seminaries and Bible Schools throughout the French-speaking world. His passion is teaching on God’s mission and how disciples of Jesus can better embody that mission within their cultural settings and worldviews. He also loves writing on these issues.

With all of these efforts, the Walls believe that they are multiplying themselves, by empowering others to do what they could never do alone in their short life-time. They believe that one of the greatest gifts they can give is pointing others to Jesus and helping them become better followers of Him.