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Lay a solid stone in your foundation

The month of May is “Leave a Legacy” month in Canada. It’s a wonderful opportunity to lay a solid stone in your foundation and make sure the important things in your life are looked after when you are gone: your faith, your family, and the things that you are passionate about. Our Fellowship Advancement Director, Gord Baptist, can help you create a plan for your Will that considers each part of you life with care, concern, and dignity.

Gord has been serving our Fellowship for several years, visiting our churches, meeting one-on-one with ministry leaders and lay people, and hosting workshops. I’ve asked Gord to introduce himself and share how he can serve you in May or any other time.

After working for 36 years in the financial management field and sensing God’s leading, in 2016 I began my role as Fellowship Advancement Director. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of assisting countless people as they have tackled the often-challenging matters of financial investment and estate planning. I have come alongside pastors and ministry workers as they have sough guidance in order to be wise stewards with the funds God has entrusted to them.

Some ways I have served congregations is by speaking on subjects dealing with:

  • Estate Planning, Wills and Power of Attorneys, and ways to give
  • Debt Elimination and Budget Training
  • God’s Attitude towards Wealth
  • Retirement Planning for Pastors and Missionaries

As May is Leave a Legacy Month, I wanted to encourage you to consider your Will and Estate Plan. We can walk through a process that helps you understand your options; helps you create an effective tax strategy; and helps you plan well for yourself, your family, and the people and charities you care about.

Our partners at ADVISORS with Purpose are hosting webinars over the next couple of months that may interest you and your congregations. Please feel free to register and attend by clicking on the links below.

April 23, 2024, 8pm Eastern
Aligning Your Financial Goals with Your Spiritual Goals – Rev. Ray Borg

Are you struggling to align your financial and spiritual goals? Whether you want to reduce financial stress or cultivate a deeper understanding of biblical financial principles, this webinar is for you. In this webinar, you’ll learn about the relationship between faith and finances and the importance of prayer, discernment, and godly wisdom when establishing and following your financial objectives.
Link to register:


May 21, 2024, 8pm Eastern
Estate Planning – What Women Need to Know – Jan Kupecz

Planning your will requires individual strategies depending on your life, family, finances, and priorities. It is vital that women understand the special considerations for them. This webinar is specifically for women to discuss the questions and concerns affecting them and their families and help them shape their own legacies.
Link to register:


June 12, 2024, 8pm Eastern
Planning Well for Your Business – Chantel Gibbs

What are the specific planning items for business owners, and why is it essential to have a plan? This might include a shareholder agreement to address the death, disability, dispute, divorce, or departure of a shareholder. It might include thinking through an exit plan ahead of time. Are there potential buyers of the shares, or will the business be wound up on death or retirement? A plan is critical. This webinar will help you better understand the options and processes.
Link to register:

I would welcome the opportunity to speak to your church or work with you personally. Freely contact me directly using the following:

Phone: 877-853-5537 Ext 224

Let me encourage you to do what my wife and I have already done. Talk to Gord, possibly meet with him and help prepare your estate to reflect the values you lived by in life.