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What will retirement look like for you?

A good plan can start years in advance.

Do you know what your retirement might look like?

We need to stay on mission. Why not consider doing this while adding some adventure in your life?

I recently connected with Denise Wicks, one of FAIR’s Projects and Promotions Coordinators and she mentioned a need you could prayerfully consider. I’ll let Denise explain:

“FAIR is asking you to consider choosing international retirement ministry as a volunteer Fellowship International missionary, partnering with a career missionary on the field. Curious yet?

In Canada, once you turn 65, you’re eligible for Old Age Security. That’s also a common age that workplaces use as their minimum retirement age. Although many look forward to retirement, we know that most 65-year-olds have lots of energy and passion to redirect. The Bible also clearly communicates that God calls us to serve and proclaim the Gospel at all ages (David, Timothy, and John come to mind).

Some retirees find a calling through volunteering or part-time work within their community. Maybe it’s too hard to put away the dream of becoming a ‘snow bird’. That was the case for Fellowship International missionaries Rick and Ena Ward. Rick had dreams of retiring to the beach some place warm after they both ended successful careers in the military. Instead, the Lord redirected them to Casa Hogar in Honduras — nowhere near a beach! They joyfully serve there half the year, supporting the work of Fellowship International missionary Melodie Francis and the staff at the children’s home.”

Rick and Ena recently sat down with Denise to share about what international retirement ministry looks like for them, and why they chose it for their “occupation after vocation”. Watch this video to hear firsthand from the Wards.

Are you interested? Contact FAIR or Fellowship International to find out more.