Meet Malak

Cedar Home (Lebanon) is one of two residential ministries in the Fellowship Child Sponsorship Program. It provides a home to disadvantaged Lebanese and refugee girls up to the age of 18. Due to the complex social and economic crisis in Lebanon, Cedar Home also started providing food and medicine supports to the surrounding community.

Fellowship International missionaries Karim and Rita Anayssi serve as the Directors of Cedar Home’s Operations and Care. Karim recently shared the following update, as well as a video highlighting Malak, one of the girls who lives at Cedar Home.

“If I were to describe Lebanon in one word for the last six months it is this: freefall — on every level! There has been unprecedented levels of poverty and exodus of minds, bleak political view, closed banks and government offices, and an unstable Middle East region.

“The above said, people are seeking hope and that is what Cedar Home is: a message of hope. Hope because of its open doors for people who need help; thus our relief program continues. Hope because it not only continues to operate in these very difficult times but also growing as a ministry — the plan is that by the middle of 2024 we will start helping boys through our boys home. But it doesn’t stop at that, we are getting ready to restart hosting teams from the US and Canada during this summer and our roof top cafe will be an open and available space for all church young adults and teens to come spend time together, study, use our free internet and have fellowship together.

“Internally, Rita as our Director of Care continues to give our girls the POD (path of discipleship), a core value and pillar at Cedar Home to make disciples of the girls in our care.”

You can help provide holistic care to children at Cedar Home by sponsoring a child with Cedar Home today.

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