Lebanon Cedar Home

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The situation:

As a result of ongoing conflict in the region dating back before the 1940s, Lebanon has been a place of refuge for millions of refugees, most recently from Syria and Iraq. The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) estimates there are two million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, a third of the country's total population. Close to 150,000 children are trapped in different forms of child labour, many of whom are females. Christian organizations such as Cedar Home remain the only solution possible to combat the problems of poverty, infant abandonment, child trafficking, children forced to live on the streets, and child marriages.

Project description:

Cedar Home is a Christian home for abandoned newborns, as well as orphaned and disadvantaged Syrian, Palestinian, and Iraqi refugees, and stateless girls in Lebanon. The Home provides spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and social supports so that these girls can fulfill their highest potential, preparing them to enter society, the workplace, and marriage as mature, independent individuals.

Project goals:

  • Provide formal academic education through the public school system to prepare a future generation of women empowered to influence their communities and the nation through knowledge and faith.
  • Prepare girls with life-skills as well as practical discipleship as they are encouraged to live their faith courageously.

Ministry facts:

  • Cedar Home is located in the heart of Lebanon, outside of Beirut. The campus is fully owned by the Home and is continuing to develop playgrounds where the girls are able to enjoy the outdoors safely.
  • Cedar Home, licensed in 1950, is a Christian Lebanese society working in partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs and is recognized and highly respected by the Lebanese authorities for its transparency and long track record of service to the community. Cedar Home is the only evangelical society licensed as an adoption agency through which newborn babies abandoned at its doorstep can be legally provided with loving, adoptive parents.


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