Love Trust

The goal of the Fellowship Child Sponsorship ministry in Sri Lanka (Love Trust), is to provide educational, nutritional, and financial support for over 100 children across three centres with the ultimate goal of building a foundation for reconciliation, first with the Lord and then among the members of the broader community. Fellowship International missionary Ronald Jeyaseelan, who oversees the Love Trust program, recently shared the following updates.

“I am Ronald Jeyaseelan, a Fellowship International missionary overseeing Fellowship Aid and International Relief (FAIR) projects on the island of Sri Lanka. We began our missional endeavour in Sri Lanka soon after the devastating tsunami that struck the island in 2004. We work exclusively amongst marginalized communities in several geographical locations. Our goal is to reach out with the love of Christ by providing holistic care to the villagers. The scope of the ministry includes, but is not limited to, preschool, vocational training, providing care packages for widows and widowers, and Christian counsel and leadership training for pastors and Christian workers.

“In July 2022, I made my bi-annual site visit to Sri Lanka. My wife Doreen came along with me. We arrived when the country was facing unprecedented hardship due to severe economic crisis, leaving the majority of the population lacking the most basic necessities. With much difficulty I secured a vehicle to take me to the various locations. What I noted, with much thankfulness to God, is His protection of the people we are taking care of. We were able to bless them in tangible ways with the generous support of our dear sponsors here in Canada.


“The Love Trust location in Valathapithy (Grace preschool) has been functioning well for over 15 years. This school has produced many graduates in various fields which have made us proud. This year was very special for our little village. For the very first time, four of our children who studied at Grace Pre-School have secured admission to universities for higher studies.

A parent’s testimony: “We observe with pride that our children would pray before every meal that they eat at home and encourage us to do so. This is something very touching and we, too, are learning to thank God for His daily provisions.” 



“Currently, the Lindula preschool building is under construction so classes are being taught in a rented room until the new building is complete. Construction has been delayed, but considering the circumstances (two years of a pandemic and an economic crisis), we are not concerned with the speed of progress. When we met the children at the Lindula preschool, we blessed them with ice cream. (I needed a reason to have some for myself.)

A parent’s testimony: “We are very pleased with the introduction of English classes for our children. We are very grateful to the English teacher who is very dedicated and teaches the language in simple ways, so that the children can grasp it easily. We believe that proficiency in the English language will be a great asset to our children when they grow up, as it will help connect them to the rest of the world in this digital era.

“We thank the LOVE TRUST ministries for providing this invaluable service.”


New Ministry in Ramboda — a Lindula Extension

“We are in the process of launching a fourth preschool ministry location in Ramboda by the end of this year to cater to the educational and spiritual needs of the community. We visited the location where the new facility will be established in the village. The path was quite treacherous, yet we made it purely by the grace of God. It was a seven-kilometre climb on a hard, impassable, and challenging pathway.”

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