Sri Lanka Love Trust

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The situation:

Sri Lanka's recent history includes 26 years of civil war which ended in 2009. During that time, an estimated 100,000 people were killed and close to 300,000 were displaced. The wounds from this conflict remain deep and painful. Outside of the cities, 45% of the population under 12 years old are illiterate and poverty is prevalent. Though parents are committed to the value of education for their children they lack the money to provide for that education. Subsistence living now doesn't even meet present needs and certainly makes no provision for the future. Addressing the needs of the children of families caught in the cycle of poverty makes it possible to break that cycle.

Project Description:

The goal of FAIR's ministry in Sri Lanka, is to provide educational, nutritional, and financial support for over 100 children among three centres with the ultimate goal of building a foundation for reconciliation, first with the Lord and then among the members of the broader community.

Project Goals:

  • Cover all operational and maintenance costs of the pre-school and after-school programs, tuition, classes, and academy (including computer training, math, English and sewing classes).
  • Provide nutritious meals for all children attending the pre-school and after-school programs.
  • Provide school uniforms, school bags, and shoes at the beginning of the school year.
  • Provide personal savings account with an initial deposit of LKR $1,000 ($8 CAD) to each graduating student from the pre-school as an investment in their future studies. Matching funds provided yearly as parents contribute to this account.
  • Improve facilities already in use.

Ministry Facts:

  • Pre-schools cover two years.
  • After-school programs are weekly. The goal is to help students with math and English. The service is provided free. Most students come from broken homes with single parents or no parental support.
  • During these programs the children are provided with a snack or meal. Bible stories are used to teach English but also to expose the children to the Gospel.
  • Singing, crafts, storytelling, and skits, are included along with the teaching.


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