Love Trust Story

In rural Sri Lanka, access to education, health care and other supports are limited. Children in these areas are likely to grow up illiterate, which severely restricts their options later on in life. This is where the Fellowship Child Sponsorship program, Love Trust, ministers to preschool children, teaching them math, reading and writing, and English. They provide not only for the educational needs of the children, but also help the rest of the family to learn new skills and help provide stable and sustainable income. Below is the testimony of one of the parents whose child attends one of the three preschool programs that make up Love Trust.


Greetings to the teachers, administrators, and the pastors,

My name is Vasanthi.  I live in a town which is two kilometres from the Hannah Montessori. I have to walk every day for two kilometres to bring my children to the school.

My eldest son studied here first and now I have my second son studying.  But in the midst of all that poverty, my son graduated to be a good student.  I am very happy and proud about it.  Now he is following the English classes. English language is an essential thing for our children and I see that he is making good progress.

Even though my second son has behavioural problems, the teachers give extra care and raise him up well. I see a lot of changes in his behaviour from the time he started coming to Hannah Montessori. I also see that the other children in the school are well behaved. I am so grateful for that.

The teachers are very understanding – even when I get late because of the distance, they show much patience and love. They look after the children well.

We are grateful for the sewing classes as well. I am enrolled in that program which I find very useful for my future.

About a year ago, I suffered severely with consistent headaches. The pastor and his wife made regular home visits and prayed with me and for me. I was healed from the headaches and I thank God for that. I am so grateful for the pastor and the teacher for this.

I pray that this school will do well in the future being a blessing for the community.

                                                                             — Vasanthi, Hannah Montessori Preschool Parent


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Join us in praying that as the children’s educational needs are met through Love Trust, they would see that their spiritual needs can only be met through the love of Jesus.