Elham is a Grade 6 student who lives at Cedar Home which is part of the Fellowship’s Child Sponsorship program. She wrote this poem to share with us a bit of her story and reflections on life living as a Syrian refugee in Lebanon.

I learned walking when I was eight
Back then I walked ten hours straight
Escaped bombs, tanks and fire
To return I don’t desire

The road was rough for me, a kid
Have died of thirst and hunger, I did
But finally reached a peaceful town
It was not one of our own

There I got my first new shoes
I always kept clean, and didn’t lose
Because walking became my friend
I’m strong, walking until the end

And my family became Cedar Home
A nice big building with lots of stairs
There I never felt alone
Food and books, everything everyone shares

So while walking I learned reading
And the more I read the better I walked
Hunger then became for learning
I sounded good when I talked

So I kept walking until grade six
Where I am now and won’t stop there
I’ll walk towards bright future
My fear is gone, yes I will dare

Here I heard of a great teacher
He also walked from town to town
His name was simply Jesus
I became one of His own

We now each morning walk together
Not behind Him but side by side
With Him I can walk forever
My love for Him I won’t hide

All of my journey led me to Him
From Syria to Lebanon, just to begin
A greater journey, this tie with Jesus
However, I walk, I walk with Him.