Cedar Home Praising God

The Fellowship’s Child Sponsorship program seeks to empower children, families, and their communities. Recently, FAIR received an update from Karim Anayssi who heads up the ministry at Cedar Home that we wanted to share with you here.

I can’t begin this update without sharing the great news about the sharply declining COVID-19 numbers. Today we are in the 200s when, just a few months ago the daily count was sitting at 7,000. Miracles are happening all the time, praise God our Healer.

Is there bad news to share, ‘yes’, that is part of life, but Christ’s Kingdom is unstoppable against all challenges, such as the continued “collapse” of Lebanon on all levels while the only flourishing initiative is the Word and deed ministries because people have no place left to go other than to God.

Praise God:

  • For the beautiful initiative of our friends, the Guides of Lebanon Scouts, turning our backyard into a beautiful garden. After spending a day of work, we had a wonderful time of ministry where the pre-teens heard the story of Cedar Home and why we do the work entrusted to us.
  • For continued support of the relief program Cedar Home runs, so that we can reach more needy families especially since the food subsidy has been lifted and the price of food has skyrocketed.
  • For the successful school year of our girls; they were challenged by learning online, but none dropped the ball. They were committed to learning and we expect a 100% pass rate.

Pray to God:

  • For the planned return of our girls to the residential program in September, and all the preparations required for that.
  • For the completion of our park project that was slowed down by COVID-19 and the banking crisis. Pray that the remaining $5,000 USD of the total $12,000 needed will be secured.
  • For finding the right staff, especially the housemother positions, who will be in charge of the 24-hour care of our girls. Please also pray for volunteers who are required for teaching after school.


If you or someone you know would like to give towards Cedar Home’s park project, you can do so on our website.