Update from Love Trust in Sri Lanka

The Fellowship’s Child Sponsorship Program in Sri Lanka, called Love Trust has the vision to empower children, families and their communities through a long-lasting, holistic impact on the life of a child, providing love for today and hope for tomorrow.

The goal of this ministry in Sri Lanka is to provide educational, nutritional, and financial support for over 100 children among three centres with the ultimate goal of building a foundation for reconciliation, first with the Lord and then among the members of the broader community.

In the past number of months, Grace Academy had 44 students and Hannah Montessori had 25 students who were able to regularly attend pre-school. The pandemic continues to impact the schools as there were two area lockdowns in the month of April alone but teachers were still able to spend time with their students.

During the pandemic, school staff and local pastors have regularly been able to distribute food care packages to local families needing some extra help. And, because attendance at the schools has been impacted due to lockdowns, the staff are working at adjusting their teaching methods to be more efficient and interactive using online methods.

We are thankful for the many child sponsors who help make these programs possible in Sri Lanka.