T4 Instructions

Revenue Canada requires the P.A. or Pension Adjustment for employees that contribute to a Registered Pension Plan (R.P.P.) such as the Plan offered by the Fellowship.

To report the P.A. only three boxes on the T4 need to be completed as follows:

  • Box 20 shows the employee's contribution to the Fellowship Pension Plan (required and any voluntary amounts) – if the employee does not contribute, place "NIL" in box.

(Any amount recorded in this box would already be included in Box 14 "Employment Income before Deductions" and would be subject to E.I., C/QPP, and provincial healthcare assessment in certain provinces.)

  • Box 50 shows the Revenue Canada registration number of the Fellowship Pension Plan – enter 0249003.
  • Box 52 shows the total of the employee's and the church's contribution to the Fellowship Pension Plan.

(Any amount shown in this box must be greater than shown in Box 20; otherwise it clearly shows that the church is not contributing to the pension Plan and not in compliance with the terms of the Plan.)