FAIR Resources

These FAIR resources are available to help you as you seek to support the FAIR projects closest to your heart.


30 Days of Prayer for FAIR

The 30 Days of Prayer for FAIR guide is a resource that can be used to pray for FAIR projects and programs throughout a month. We’re encouraging churches and individuals to use this resource to be intentionally partnering with FAIR through prayer. It can easily be paired with the FAIR Bank and Advent Calendar as a way to lend prayer and financial support to FAIR during the Christmas season.

Love Extended Feature Projects brochure

The Love Extended Feature Projects brochure contains a small number of catalogue projects. Although the full list of catalogue projects can be viewed online, this hard copy version highlights specific projects that meet immediate needs. This brochure is updated twice a year as new projects are identified.


The FAIR Bank is a resource that can be used to collect spare change in support of a FAIR project, such as those found in the FAIR Catalogue, and works well with the FAIR Advent Calendar during the Christmas season.

Extending Love at Christmas — The FAIR Advent Giving Guide

The FAIR Advent Giving Guide is a thought-provoking way to make a contribution to those in need through a FAIR project, while reflecting on the blessings we as Canadians often take for granted. This tool is an excellent resource for families. Bulk copies are available through the FAIR department, or you can download a pdf version.


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