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Saugeen Fellowship Baptist, Southampton, ON

Appeal: #234

Saugeen Fellowship Baptist Church is located in the middle of the Saugeen First Nation Reserve #29 in Southampton, ON. The congregation consists of 15-20 people, of whom approximately half are indigenous, and half are of European descent. Pastor Henry Sikkema has served this church for five years and, because of the congregation’s size, he also works as a self-employed plumber four days a week.

Although the congregation is few in number, they have a significant impact within their community. They connect through various ministries including outreach meals, movie nights, summer vacation Bible school, and an adult Bible study during the winter months. They also hold regular services and Sunday school for the children who attend.

In October 2020, the church was the target of an arson fire which damaged the front doors and caused smoke damage throughout the building. A meeting was held recently to decide where to begin the needed repairs. The first priority is to check the status of the furnace and see if it needs to be replaced. Work then needs to be done to renovate the kitchen, replace the railings on the front porch, fix or replace the front doors, replace patio stones, and the church sign. The plan is to do much of the labour themselves, but you can imagine how daunting a task it will be for this small congregation to raise the funds necessary to make the needed repairs.

On behalf of Pastor Henry and the congregation at Saugeen Fellowship Baptist Church, would you prayerfully consider how you might help with this need? We have a unique opportunity to join this congregation as they seek to restore their church building and continue the ministry that God has prepared for them within their community.






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