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Appeal: #238

With all of the challenges of the last few years and the increased cost of building construction and renovation, many of our churches are unable to build or purchase their own ministry facilities. These churches meet in homes, schools, or other locations that provide the best possible option for their congregation, however, it can often limit ministry opportunities.

Thank you for being so faithful in assisting some of our churches as they build or renovate facilities in order to have a building that shines in the heart of their communities. This appeal is for a different fund that assists churches financially — the Property Acquisition Fund. Along with the Baptist Builders fund, this fund works to assist churches with the purchase of their first building or renovations to an existing building that they would not be able to do on their own. The Property Acquisition Fund lends up to $100,000 to qualifying churches. This is paid back over time so that your donations can be used repeatedly to build new churches. We currently have 15 churches with loans totaling $970,000, thanks to your generosity.

We encourage you to prayerfully consider your participation with us through the Property Acquisition Fund. It is exciting to see how God multiplies gifts received.

Here are a few updates from previous appeals:

Appeal 229—Otterville Baptist Church (Otterville, ON)

Pastor Mark Lambert writes, “We at Otterville Baptist Church appreciate so much the generosity and thoughtfulness of the Baptist Builders program. Our church building dates back to around 1865 and although it has been renovated and refurbished many times, there hasn’t been much done over the last 30 years. Our people were excited to see a fresh coat of paint in the church entrance and basement along with new basement flooring. Several teams, of young and old, came to help, braving the scaffolding to reach the high ceiling in the foyer, and laying the laminate flooring. It looks amazing!

“During this time our insurance provider required us to update the electrical panel, so that taken care of as well; but we’re not finished yet. Double-glazed windows have been purchased to replace the old ones in the basement when the warmer weather arrives this spring. We are still on the look-out for a chair lift for the basement’s flight of stairs.

“We have alternated between online and in-person services for two years now and this has been an opportunity for our congregation to be forward-looking in presenting a welcoming face to our community.”

Appeal 233—PÉVA Project of Église Baptiste Évangélique Renaissance (Montréal, QC)

In his most recent update, church planter Réne Frey writes, “We praise God for the opportunity of sharing the good news that the renovations, which went on for many months, are done! We have finished the hall which will serve as a meeting place for about 25 people on Yves Prévost Avenue in Ville d’Anjou, QC.” They hosted two Saturday work days at the church: a cleaning bee, followed by a day of painting baseboards and window frames.

Réne continues, “Many challenges lie ahead. Continue to pray for and support our evangelistic efforts. Our total costs for the renovations were $46,836 and the Lord has met this need, with a remaining shortfall of $3,900.” The church is still in need of furniture and equipment, in addition to evangelistic materials for distribution.

Thank you for prayerfully considering your participation in the Property Acquisition Fund which helps churches like Otterville Baptist and Église Baptiste Évangélique Renaissance.



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