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NorthLife Church, Ft. McMurray, AB


NorthLife Church located in Ft. McMurray, AB has over the past few years experienced much tragedy through the wild fires in 2016 and the flooding just a few months ago. These events have had a significant impact on the community and the church has been there to minister and care for people. However, the church itself experienced loss in the midst of flooding and are looking for believers across Canada to assist them as they repair their building for ministry.

Pastor Mark Usher writes, “The flood in Ft. McMurray has rendered the whole basement of the building inoperable. This is where our soup kitchen and children’s ministries operate. As well, the basement holds all of our storage for drama, and other community events. Furnaces, boiler, electrical, HVAC, and food storage are also a part of our basement losses. The time needed for repair and replacement will be months in the process. The cost will run into the millions when it is finally completed. At this point, we are in the discovery process with the insurance company and are discussing how to move such a large operation forward.

“Our plans for the immediate future are to find a way to mobilize the soup kitchen. This ministry is part of a bigger picture in the community. There are several organizations that work together in Ft. McMurray to protect those who are in substantial need. Our part is to provide a mid-day nutritious meal from Monday to Friday. This gives us opportunity to build relationships and share the Gospel with everyone who participates, from patrons to volunteers. The soup kitchen draws volunteers from all levels of Ft. McMurray, from individuals to the large oil corporations. It serves food to the elderly, jobless, homeless, and those with physical and mental challenges. The other organizations offer shelter, clothing, and meals that complement our schedule at the soup kitchen.”

In the meantime, during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are being creative with Sunday services, home groups, and other ministries as they endeavour to maintain connection within the church family and their community.

Would you prayerfully consider how you might assist NorthLife Church to repair their building so they can continue their ministry within the community?




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