Current Initiative

Église Baptiste Évangélique L’Oasis,
Deux-Montagnes, QC

Appeal: #237

Église Baptiste Évangélique L’Oasis  is located in the city of Deux-Montagnes (translated: two mountains) in the region of the Lower-Laurentians. Located just ten minutes north-west of Montréal and Laval, Deux-Montagnes has a population of approximately 18,000. 

The small congregation of Église Baptiste Évangélique L’Oasis, with a weekly regular attendance of 75 people, has a heart for meeting the spiritual needs inside and outside the church community. Approximately 90% of the members are involved in some form of ministry. The church offers a community daycare program, and has ministry programs for youth, women, and seniors, as well as prayer teams. The leadership have developed a dynamic action plan for discipleship and evangelism training which will be launched in 2022 in order to reach the larger population within their region which totals around 100,000.

Michel Habib, who serves as pastor for this congregation, reports that the building they purchased needs many renovations. He graciously serves without a salary so that the funds received from congregants can be used to complete the much-needed renovations.

Reconstruction and repair work has been completed on a major part of the church’s roof and the next step is to demolish, insulate, and replace ceiling tiles within the building. Repair work is also needed on the building’s exterior walls, gutters need to be installed, and several windows also need to be replaced. In addition, the demolition and insulation of drywall, and electrical rewiring are needed in several areas of the building. This is an overwhelming task for this small congregation to undertake, yet they trust God for His provision.

Would you prayerfully consider financially coming alongside this congregation through this Baptist Builder appeal so that they may effectively use their facility as an outreach point to impact their community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?


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