Current Initiative

Flambeau Church
Granby, QC

The Flambeau Church in Granby, QC was born about 40 years ago with a little group of people who wanted to reach into that community with the Gospel of Christ. This small group grew in numbers and in 1992 they were able to purchase land and build their current church building. In 2004, they needed to expand the church’s space in order to accommodate new families who had joined the church.

They went on to plant four churches in towns surrounding Granby, helping them by providing leaders and resources.

Their current pastor, François Provencher, and his wife Nastassia, came to serve at Flambeau in 2012.

In 2014, the church established a food bank at very low cost for the community of Granby and every Friday they provide essentials to 150 families. They have added to this chaplaincy services within the community through funerals and weddings and every summer, they offer free help to those who need it through the, “Love Your Neighbour” event. The church has started a garden that benefits the community and food bank. The congregation has also made available a place in the church where students from a local school who have a desire to serve the Lord can receive instruction and learn in the field too. There are now approximately 200 people attending Flambeau Church every Sunday morning to hear about God’s love.

What an encouragement to hear of the things God is doing in and through this congregation! The church, however, has a significant need. On the night of May the 8th, a fire began in the auditorium with heat so strong that it melted the sound system and lighting. Damage to the auditorium was extensive and other areas of the church have been impacted by smoke and/or soot that traveled through the air.

While they did have insurance, the funds needed to cover all that was lost exceeds the amount provided by their insurance. Their principal needs are a sound system, lighting, and furniture. However, because they are in the process of rebuilding and are already at 80% capacity, they are hoping to expand their facility as well.

Would you prayerfully consider how you might assist this church as they seek to rebuild within their community?




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