Current Initiative

Otterville Baptist Church
Otterville, ON

Last May, Otterville Baptist Church celebrated their 161st anniversary. For this celebration, they met in the original building which was updated in 1904 with bricks and a basement.

Several years ago, the congregation decided that a part-time pastor was the way to go to keep the finances afloat. Alan Silvester led the church as interim pastor then handed it over to Dr. Mark Lambert three and a half years ago. The congregation numbers 25 – 30 in a small town of a population near 1,000. The Anglican Church closed in 2019 and the United Church has been struggling to keep a pastor. There is a Reformed Church that is well attended but has little outreach into the community. Otterville Baptist is striving to stay in this small community and reach out to the lost.

The outreach includes hosting monthly women’s and men’s breakfasts, running a children’s camp on school PA days, opening the church to celebrate Spring with an arts festival and family activities, and offering refreshments and bathroom access during the community yard sale. This past summer, with the help of 2cbeyond ministries, they ran a Family Fun Zone with bouncy castles, carnival games, and cotton candy. The community response was terrific with over 200 non-church visitors.

There is a great need in this community and a great response to the outreach being done. However, the aged church building remains an obstacle to growth as the ground level church entrance and steps leading down to the Fellowship hall making it difficult for those with accessibility challenges access the building.

The congregation and leadership are gradually working on various projects to make the church more accessible and attractive. The steep stairs make it difficult for seniors and those with a disability to join them. A ramp is not possible due to size constraints so they are going to install chair lifts both up and downstairs. They are also looking to renovate the bathrooms and re-lay the septic bed.

These projects are difficult for a small church and so they look to us to assist them. Would you prayerfully consider how you might assist them financially to be able to complete these projects and move from survival mode to being more effective in sharing Christ’s love with their neighbours?

Thank you for your prayerful consideration!



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