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Baptist Builder—Richmond Hill Baptist


Appeal: #240

Richmond Hill Baptist Church is located in the Greater Toronto area and has 80 members who gather weekly from across the city. The church building is used for much more than just church functions and services. In addition to being a twice-a-week meeting place for youth from the congregation, community, and other churches, it is also used by another smaller church on an almost weekly basis, and community business meetings as well.

Pastor Jake Clemens writes: “We have a good relationship with our neighbour directly to the east of us which is the Hill House Hospice. They do not have much parking available on their property so we allow them to use our parking spaces when theirs are full. One of the projects on our list is getting our parking lot redone as well as repairing the foundation of our building underneath the parking lot. During heavy rainfalls and the winter thaw, we experience leaking in our basement which is continually dealt with on the inside but the real source of the problem remains until we can fix the outside. Our basement is used for children’s meetings, Sunday school, youth group, community business meetings, as well as a host of other things that happen throughout the week.”

The church, in seeking ways to continue to meet the needs within their community, is pursuing an upgrade for the kitchen which is also located in the basement. Pastor Jake writes, “We regularly host meals as a church family and regularly invite guests to stay for meals after our Sunday services. Because of our location, we routinely see homeless and hungry people looking for a meal. We have also seen a growth in the surrounding Persian population, and we are learning that [sharing] a meal is a good way to grow a friendship. We are hoping to fix our kitchen space so that we might expand our ministry to the community through its use.”

Pastor Jake is encouraged by the desire he sees within his congregation to reach their community with the Good News of Jesus Christ. These much-needed upgrades will assist the church in having a greater impact within their community.

Will you prayerfully consider how the Lord will have you partner with the Richmond Hill Baptist congregation as they seek to expand their ministry in the community?





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