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Baptist Builder—Sprague Baptist Church


Appeal: #241

Sprague Baptist Church is part of the Fellowship Prairies Region and can be found in the extreme southeast corner of Manitoba.

The church was founded by a group of Minnesota Baptists in the 1930s. These missions-minded believers were concerned for the spiritual well-being of recent immigrants to a newly accessible portion of Manitoba wilderness who had been drawn there by the prospect of logging jobs and homestead opportunity. This initial effort led to the start of several small groups across difficult terrain. In the 1970s, the Sprague Baptist congregation joined the Fellowship.

Paul Krahn, a church member, describes their church, “The size of our Sunday congregation varies but is usually in the low twenties. Demographically we are pretty old. Young people do not stay in the area in any numbers and this has been a real problem for us. In some ways, our outreach is also hampered by the shortage of youthful energy and the fact that grandparents tend to be leaned on heavily these days… We do have some outreach activities and gatherings (formal and informal).”

Three other churches in the area, including Sprague, take turns hosting a men’s breakfast on the first Saturday of each month. They also informally support a local church-sponsored food bank where some of their congregation volunteer.

During the pandemic, the church was able to keep its doors open when some churches made the decision to close their doors for a period of time. This has resulted in an increase in attendance as people were welcomed to services. This growth has necessitated some much-needed improvements to the church facility including:

  • re-gravelling parking areas
  • installing a new and much larger septic tank
  • upgrading microphones
  • purchasing a new digital projector and associated mounting hardware
  • establishing an internet connection

Paul writes on behalf of the congregation, “We thank you in advance for your attention and concern. We have lots of limitations, but we are generally a healthy church where the love of the brethren is felt by all within and even noticed by some outside.”

Will you prayerfully consider how the Lord would have you partner through Baptist Builders with this need?




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