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Greenfield Park, Quebec

Appeal: #232

Located in the diverse community of Greenfield Park, QC, a borough in Longueuil, QC, Greenfield Park Baptist is home to an English-speaking congregation that strives to be a place where everyone participates and feels their value.

Like other churches across Canada, they have struggled through the COVID-19 pandemic to meet the needs of those within their community.  Under the guidance of their pastor, Brian Talbot, and church leaders, they quickly moved online to hold Zoom worship services, Bible studies, and live talks on Facebook.

Before COVID-19 even became a reality in Canada, the church was facing a major problem.  In October 2019, a heavy rainfall hit the Montreal and surrounding region.  It was significant enough to leave a large area of water in the downstairs church meeting area.  After an initial clean up, a crack running from the window down to the floor in the foundation was discovered in the newer section of the church building, that had been built in 1989.  Further investigation revealed more cracks behind the drywall in an older section of the church basement, built in 1957. In addition to this, mold was found along the bottom of the wall in the older section of the building.  After ripping up the carpet and pulling up the wood, more mold was discovered.  The room was sealed off and gutted—all drywall, carpet, and mold was removed — and is unusable until all the cracks can be sealed and the room reconstructed.

The hope is that the majority of the work can be completed by people from within the congregation. However, the cost of materials is prohibitive and they need our help. The church longs to see this project completed so that they can once again open the church up and minister to those within their community.

Would you please prayerfully consider how you might assist this church financially to allow them to make the necessary repairs and use the church the way the Lord leads them?


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