Baptist Builders

Baptist Builders, originally known as “Minute Men,” was established over 40 years ago to assist Fellowship churches with building construction and renovations. Since its inception, over 150 churches have received financial help.

How It Works

Men and women from our Fellowship community across Canada have pledged to help these churches through regular contributions. Four times a year, an appeal for a specific church is mailed to supporters. We encourage an average contribution of between $35 and $50 for each appeal, but any amount is gratefully accepted.

Here's how we divide your contribution. As you can see, one half of your contribution is used over and over again to help new churches.

  • 1/2 goes as a gift to the appeal church
  • 1/2 is loaned to the church:
    -interest free for two years
    -2.5% interest rate thereafter
    -repaid money goes to the Property Acquisition Fund


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