Ministry Personnel



CHURCH: Morningstar Christian Fellowship, Toronto, ON

Significant Dates:

· Appointed to ministry in South Asia in 2008.
· Departed for field Dec 2008.

Jack is involved in leadership development in South Asia through LeadersFormation. The Bengali-speaking people are now recognized as the world’s largest unreached people group with a population of 91 million in West Bengal and a further 160 million in Bangladesh. Bengal has a 0.6% Christian population. The need for trained leaders is great especially in the rural areas where many of the serving leaders are men and women with no theological training and who are not likely to qualify for Bible College as they do not have the necessary qualifications nor means. Despite many challenges such as hurricanes, floods, the coronavirus pandemic, and rising persecution, many village house churches are seeing steady to rapid growth. Trained disciple-making leaders are needed to shepherd these house churches. Recently, one pastor whose church could only accommodate 60 people had to tell his congregants to stop bringing new people as they had no room after a growing crowd of 90+ showed up each week! His comment, “People need the Lord and this pandemic is causing them to come seeking.”