Ministry Personnel

East Asia

Tony and Chloe

CHURCH: Fellowship Baptist, Edmonton, AB

Tony was born in East Asia in a province saturated with people, but lacking resources. Despite the difficulties, there were a number of Christians in his hometown, including Tony’s grandmother. Growing up, Tony and his grandmother attended the local church almost every week, to read the Bible and sing hymns. Although he didn’t come to know God right away, the seed was planted during this time.

When Tony was 17, he was baptized and later on when he came to Canada for university, he thought more seriously about his faith. In his local church, he was encouraged by his pastor to further seek God and serve Him. The more Tony served, the more he saw how much he lacked. So he began to study to equip himself. After six years of serving at his church, he realized that god had placed in his heart a desire to serve East Asian people.

Two years later, Tony and Chloe met and started dating. He taught Chloe about God while she was still a non-believer and her heart to know God grew more and more.

When Tony and Chloe got married, they vowed to serve the Lord as a family and, God willing, serve His people in East Asia.