Addressing Disciple-Making Movement Critiques

Fellowship International has embraced Disciple-Making Movements (DMM) as the primary thrust of missions efforts for our Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada. Training programs and coaching initiatives are in full swing with several missionaries seeking to apply the DMM principles and practices within their ministries.

However, ever since evidence for the success of DMMs has been brought to the attention of the church in the west, cautions about both the claims made and the methodology proposed by practitioners have been raised. Some critiques have been valid and have led to corrections and adjustments. Others have led to deeper missiological reflections in order to consider DMM within appropriate biblical and theological categories. Some critiques have been based on misunderstandings, requiring a clearer description and more detailed perspective. Others identify a challenge to traditional assumptions about approaches to ministry, church formation, and biblical teaching. Dialogue about these paradigm shifts and their implications is ongoing.

Several team members within Fellowship International have been part of this dialogue with a desire to clarify our ministry efforts, answer critiques, and develop our ability to communicate and apply DMM principles and practices in a manner consistent with God’s Word and that is fruitful in our ministry contexts. See below for articles written in response to critiques of DMM.


Defending DMMs

[original post written October 5, 2020, by Mark Naylor DTh (missiology)]