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Youth Ministry at Joy Foundation

Joy Foundation is a school that serves the children of undocumented Haitians living in the Dominican Republic, and disadvantaged Dominicans. But it also serves youth. In the communities that Joy Foundation serves, the local church does not have any programs for youth, so there are many teenagers who do not know God. They live a life without God, a life without joy, and it is not easy for them to find someone who can be a good role model.

Most teenage boys help their parents by working in factories, while teenage girls clean the house and take care of their younger siblings. For these teenagers, having a dream has become a luxury they can’t afford.

Through Joy Foundation’s youth ministry, our goal is to give these teenagers opportunities.

For teens who attend Joy Foundation, they begin by studying the Word and they receive English classes. We believe that through learning about God’s love and how to share about God with others, as well as learning another language, the lives of teenagers will change.

Currently, 12 youth are being sponsored and many more youth are waiting for sponsors. We invite you to a life of blessings where you can give opportunities to teenagers.

Please pray for us as Joy Foundation is preparing for a retreat in July with teenagers aged 14-17. Pray also for our plans to provide language, music, and Tae Kwon Do classes in 2025.

Joy foundation received a pick-up truck as a gift!

In 2023, we shared the great need for a pick-up truck as an item for prayer.

As the number of sponsored children has increased, the car we had been using to pick up supplies and deliver care packages began to be a problem. The car was too small to carry so many items, and worse than that, the road conditions on the way to visit the children is very rough. There were many instances of flat tires from potholes or getting stuck in muddy water.

We prayed to God and kept going even with the less-than-ideal circumstances.

Through child sponsorship, the children started smiling more, and seeing them like that made the parents happier, too. Children who could not go to school were able to study at school for the first time, school supplies were distributed, and food was provided to parents who had lost their jobs. The child sponsorship ministry is giving great hope to Haitian children living here as illegal immigrants, and to disadvantaged Dominican children.

Some very generous donors helped us buy a new pick-up truck for Joy Foundation this February! What an answer to prayer! Through this sponsored pick-up truck, we can travel the roads more safely and happily to bless the children.

We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to the anonymous sponsors who supported the pick-up truck project.

God is good all the time!!

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