Fellowship Child Sponsorship Newsletter (CLC)

We were recently very encouraged by the testimony of a young man named Aram who is a former student of Clementia Life Centre (CLC) in Lebanon. He started attending the school in the early days of its formation, and has greatly benefitted in the 10 years since. He spoke of how God has changed his life in many ways. Because he’s a Syrian refugee, he had access to the school system in Lebanon, but faced prejudice, overwhelmed teachers, and troubled classmates.  At CLC he had access to basic education, meals, and Bible study time, in addition to the trauma counselling and other supports for families that were added later on.

Once Aram graduated from CLC, he was also part of the first cohort of the vocational program where teens can learn practical work-skills like HVAC, electrical, and esthetics and hairdressing. He reflected on the fact that without CLC he would probably have ended up like the other young men in the area he grew up in — addicted to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to cope with trauma and hopelessness. Instead, he has gained an education and practical skills, and a deep knowledge and love of God. He attends the youth ministry at the local church and is part of the worship team there. He also recently started volunteering as a ministry helper with CLC.

Aram expresses deep gratitude to CLC and the sponsors who made it possible for him to know God intimately and to have hope for the future. He’s a great example of how faithful ministry and a receptive heart can have deep impacts in the lives of those who are being served.

Watch the video to hear his testimony.