Cedar Home Fellowship Child Sponsorship Newsletter

Cedar Home is a Christian home for abandoned newborns, as well as orphaned and disadvantaged Syrian, Palestinian, and Iraqi refugees, and stateless girls in Lebanon. You can learn more about the ministry at Cedar Home.

Hello friends, and greetings from beautiful Lebanon! Hoping 2024 has been fantastic for you.

Caring for the girls at Cedar Home has continued mostly as usual in the past months, even with the conflict at the south border. On top of supporting the regular school and life rhythms, I (Karim) have been overseeing the renovations at what will be the boys’ home, funded through FAIR’s Good Bones special appeal in Fall 2022.

Watch the video below (English only) for an update on how things are going there.

Here is a small taste of the things that we are lifting up to God for prayer and praising Him for here at Cedar Home.


  • For peace in our region, and the end of the war between Palestinians and Israelis. Also, for the 100,000 Lebanese who had to leave their homes and are displaced within their own country. Similarly, for the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and Israelis affected by the conflict. The whole region remains under very high risk of regional war, and many families are suffering.
  • For our construction crew at the boys’ home, working intermittently in cold and wet weather, to honour the project schedule.
  • For Toni, our bus driver, who comes from his hometown up in the mountains to Cedar Home early every morning to take our girls to school.


  • For the wonderful family of Cedar Home who never forget Karim’s birthday and try, with the help of Rita, to surprise him on his birthday. He always finds out and ruins the surprise by saying, “I know everything that happens here before it happens!"
  • For our 2024 budget and finances, looking forward to challenges and blessings all in light of the fluid economic and political situation in Lebanon and the region. Handling budgets in a country like Lebanon requires a combination of discipline and madness.
  • For Naya, our youngest and newest child at Cedar Home. Day after day her amazing social skills and emotional intelligence are demonstrated! She has become a star at Cedar Home. The most amazing thing is that she asks her house mom daily to invite “Mr. Karim” to have dinner with her. Naya has never met her dad and I have become the closest influential male figure in her life. What a privilege! Naya, our 12-year-old daughter is now the best friend of the new Naya, and is taking great care of her through tutoring and playtime.