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How many churches in the Fellowship and Regional conference reports?

Over the past couple months I have crossed our country, participating in the Fellowship’s five Regional conferences. I am always encouraged by the stories I hear about God’s goodness in our local churches.

  • Our Pacific Region shared their vision to start 30 church plants by 2022.
  • The Prairies Region reported an 18-month old Calgary church plant whose attendance already exceeds 200.
  • FEB Central reported dozens of church plants with a vision to plant 300 by 2030.
  • Our Quebec (AÉBÉQ) Region envisions 30 new plants.
  • Fellowship Atlantic reported one of its three church plants has baptized over 30 new believers since beginning two and a half years ago. God is so good!

How many churches in the Fellowship?

Each July I share the current number of local churches that make up our Fellowship of churches. This year’s numbers are:


Number of Local Churches





FEB Central









Regional Conference Reports


Fellowship Atlantic Regional Conference

May 11-12, 2018
Lunenburg, NS
Interim Regional Director

The Atlantic Regional conference was held at Faith Baptist in Lunenburg, with 70 in attendance, representing 16 of our 20 churches; a record high percentage. Our theme was Church Health, encapsulated in the word ‘Revitalization’. Three main speakers from the Region approached this title from (1) the role of history, (2) the role of prayer and the Word and (3) the impact of revitalization in the world around us. Workshops were offered in other time-slots. The business session, national and international presentations, and church planters rounded out the 24 hours of content. The times of fellowship around meals and snacks were treasured by all the attendees.


AÉBÉQ Regional Conference

June 7-8 2018
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC
Regional Director: Louis Bourque


The grace of God for our beautiful province was once again demonstrated at our convention which took place on June 7th and 8th. More than 160 people were present, including 92 delegates from 44 churches. Our communications team produced several inspirational videos and our reports broke new ground this year. We presented “Mission Québec”, a collective based on shared values and contributing to the movement of the Gospel in Quebec and the French-speaking world. By the same token, we launched the first magazine under the name “Mission Québec”. To God be the glory!


FEB Central Regional Conference

April 16-17, 2018
Scarborough, ON
Regional Director: Bob Flemming


Despite the snow, ice storms, and freezing rain that showered our area, our FEB Central Regional Conference had near record attendance this year.

Sam Allberry's topic of Jesus, Sexuality and the Good News of the Gospel was relevant and timely as increasing numbers of churches navigate the waters of gender identity and same-sex attraction. For those interested in his sessions you can click here to access them. We also featured a panel discussion to address some common questions in the area of LGBTQ, and hosted four unique workshops designed to equip you as you serve in your church.

God is on the move in our Region. We were encouraged by church planting updates from Tom Haines, Darryl Dash, Bechara Karkafi, and Mike Thiessen, and had the opportunity to pray for the church planters.

Our conference was also a time of celebration. I had the opportunity to express our appreciation to Godfrey Thorogood, Bob Parks, and Heather McKenzie for their service with our Region, and we warmly welcomed Tim Strickland as Leadership Development Director.

We are stronger together, and I'm so thankful that we had the opportunity to gather in Toronto this year to worship and pray together, and to build one another up.

A special thank you to Morningstar Christian Fellowship for being such generous and gracious hosts.


Fellowship Prairies Regional Conference

May 4-5, 2018
Edmonton, AB
Regional Director: Mark Breitkreuz


At this year’s Equip, the theme involved looking beyond our walls as it pertains to ministry. We narrowed our focus on this by addressing the subject of sexual exploitation, and the effects of pornography on society. This also affects those within our walls, so it had the double blessing of helping give us some tools to minister to "our own". This year was one with continued optimism, as we had staff from a recent church plant in Saskatoon with us for their first Equip. To hear and tangibly see God at work is an encouragement to all, and we celebrate the addition of them to the Fellowship family.


Fellowship Pacific Regional Conference

April 26-27, 2018
Chilliwack, BC
Regional Director: David Horita


The Pacific IMPACT Regional Conference was well attended. A new Vision Statement was presented along with reports on their vision goals for 2022. The new Vision Statement:

“To innovatively develop relationships and resources that propel every Fellowship Pacific church to be accountable to their gospel mandate.” 

By 2022, the Fellowship Pacific Region seeks to train 2,500 new leaders, have $1.1 million in capital funds available to help plant 30 new churches with more funds pending for this faith goal, and to see all Fellowship Pacific churches have a discipleship plan in place.

The delegates also voted on several Constitutional and Bylaw revisions and announced the Region was giving gifts totalling $1 million to several of their camps and other ministries. The conference ended with an outdoor BBQ, western style.