From the Field: Indonesia

Read this incredible update from one of our national workers in Indonesia.

Last year, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we reached 1,436 people. These are people who heard the Gospel in its entirety. They heard the essence of the Gospel in the Bible until they were led to confess with their mouths that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour.

Achieving this number is not easy. We work as hard as we can, preaching the Gospel for eight to 10 hours every day. Our daily target for people hearing the Gospel is five to 10. Quite a lot of people reject the Gospel, and we are often cursed at. Many others accept it politely out of tolerance, and also because they just appreciate having a conversation. These rejections and challenges do not dampen our enthusiasm, because we know that God loves us very much.

We continue to preach the Gospel without stopping, and the goal is achieved with God’s help. We praise God that 113 truly confessed their belief in the Lord, four people were baptized, 53 are being trained to become church planters, and 157 are open to the Gospel.

One testimony that I want to share with you is about a youth who was discipled by one of our team members. This young man comes from a devout and loyal “predominant-religion” family. When his parents found out that their child believed that the Messiah was God, they were very upset and tried to find who had preached the Gospel to him. The young man was threatened with being kicked out of his parents’ house and being expelled from family membership.

However, thank God that He is sovereign over all. This young man prayed earnestly to Jesus the Messiah and asked the Holy Spirit to touch his parents. He used this conflict to convey the Good News to his parents. God touched his father’s heart and now the father believes in Jesus Christ. This was a miraculous moment that I’m so grateful for.

This is an extraordinary blessing, where new believers share the Gospel with other people, especially their families. That’s because those who believe continue to be equipped with the skills to preach the Gospel back to their families, friends, and acquaintances. The results of this ministry are what God gave us, and this is God’s gift. However, this cannot be separated from the hard work and prayer assistance from people who love us. That is why we ask that you continue to pray for us, so that we can continue to carry out this service, with the power and wisdom that comes from God.