Project Freedom (Part 2)

This month, FAIR is highlighting Project Freedom as part of its Catch the Vision special appeal.

 “The vision of the prison ministry is to see every person affected by incarceration receiving the Gospel. We train our chaplains and equip them to be competent in what they are doing.”

                                                               — Roula Karkafi, Fellowship International missionary

The following is Elie’s story from Lebanon.


Thirty-two-year-old Elie was a prisoner in Batroun Prison in Lebanon for 57 months for drug dealing and was recently released.

The chaplaincy team first met Elie two years ago while visiting Batroun Prison. There, Elie shared how he was struggling with drug addiction, even though he was imprisoned, and indicated he wanted help. The chaplains counselled Elie, discipled him through studying the Bible, and prayed together. The team was also able to provide medical support to Elie’s father who was dealing with significant health complications from diabetes.

One night, he was sitting by himself and feeling very frustrated about his situation so he prayed to Jesus asking for His help and mercy. The next day, he woke up a new person and was able to immediately stop taking narcotic pills. He and even his fellow inmates were surprised about how he had overcome his drug addiction with the help of Jesus.

A common cultural challenge in the Middle East is that evangelical Christians are not welcome, even amongst other Christian denominations. So, as the chaplaincy team continued to serve at the prison, many inmates and prisoners advised him not to communicate with them. But Elie always stayed in touch saying, “I have seen Jesus in their lives; I can feel how much honest love they have towards the prisoners/inmates and all the people.”

Since his release, Elie attends Trinity Baptist Church meetings and is thankful for Project Freedom. Spiritually, he always thanks God for what this ministry did for him and others in the prisons. He agrees that without the power of Jesus Christ, no one can be set free from drug addiction or any sin.

He shared with us later how much he was impacted by every volunteer who was helping the prisoners and how much they show love towards the prisoners/inmates especially because they are considered to be the worst stratum of society.


With your support, FAIR is helping Project Freedom alleviate human suffering and social injustice in the name of Jesus in the MENA and STAN regions of the world.