Finding Family at Clementia Life Centre

Bassil and Gardenia are Syrian refugee children and part of a broken family. They cannot see their mom since their parents are divorced and the mother left for Syria with two of their siblings.

They joined Clementia Life Centre in 2018, and since then we have been fighting to keep them at the Centre because of the neglect they face at home. Their father doesn’t take the time to make them food nor care for them. Bassil spends most of his time playing on the phone and became cross-eyed. Our team continues to visit them, bringing them food and taking them out to play. We took Bassil to the eye doctor and this year he got new glasses with the help of his loving teacher.

One day, a CLC teacher asked Bassil, "What would you like to wish from God so we can pray for you?" He replied, "I wish God would keep my teachers in good health so you can stay in my life. You are so kind to me." He continued: "I also dream about all of you! I dream that I am hugging you!" We gave him and his sister a big hug!