Small bones, big healing

Casa Hogar is what 31 children between the ages of six and 17, and one beautiful girl who is 25, call home. Can you imagine having to feed, clothe, shelter, provide education and medical care for, and supervise them all? Spending time with each one individually takes a focused and deliberate attitude of love and care. Life can be hectic for them and yet it is amazing how they care for one another. One minute they argue as any siblings would, and the next minute they are defending that brother or sister.

Alana* was playing outside when she fell down to the ground and injured her elbow badly. If she had not been at Casa Hogar there is no way that she would have been able to get the medical care needed for her elbow to heal properly. Through the continued financial support of child sponsors she was able to go to the hospital, have x-rays taken, and then follow through with the surgery required to repair the little bones. The surgery was performed throughout the night and all the while, one of the staff was there to comfort and encourage her. This is not a reality for many of the children in Honduras. Many of them end up with injuries that disable and restrict them for life because of the financial burden of having them repaired properly.

Today Alana is still healing physically from the injury, but thanks to the resources and nurturing environment at Casa Hogar, her prognosis is good. She is expected to regain full use of her arm. Praise the Lord for the support of many to make this possible.

(* not her real name)