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The Fellowship’s shared, unified Mission

How would you describe our primary and singular mission as a movement of Fellowship Baptist churches? Why do we exist?

Everyone knows the world-famous scientist, Stephen Hawking, author of the bestseller “A Brief History of Time”. Steven Hawking could not speak. But he always had a lot to say. About a decade ago his name and prestige were borrowed for a scientific research institute in Kitchener, ON. Two hundred and fifty physicists gathered to dream about the “one singular theory” that explains the entire universe. It is being pursued in a multi-disciplinarian fashion with the “family of sciences” gathering to hash out the singular understanding of the universe.

The Fellowship is made up of many autonomous bodies spinning in their own orbits, however they exist with the gravitational pull of desire, longing, and heritage to fellowship together. We are local churches, associations, Regions, a National and international ministry all autonomous, but linked together in a beloved relationship to accomplish a SINGULAR mission. What is our singular theory that explains our very existence? What would you suggest is our movement’s “Unified Theory” or “Unified Mission” that makes sense of our little universe?

If science is searching for the “Unified Theory” for the universe, what would you say is our Fellowship’s “Unified Mission” as a Canadian and international mission movement? Could you describe it in a word, a phrase, or a sentence? We’ve described it in a phrase:

“We are the Fellowship.”

Several years back we conducted four major surveys, focus groups across the country, leadership retreats, and town hall meetings (from 2012-2014) to answer this very question. I tallied all the Fellowship pastors, leaders, and members involved in the three-year process. About 700-800 people were involved in some way.

Our Statement of Mission

The outcome: A Fellowship Direction Document (FDD), called “We Are the Fellowship”, was created and approved by Regional and National Councils stating the mission, vision, values, and strategic structure of the entire Fellowship movement. This document acts as a Statement of Mission for our Fellowship and serves as one of two identity documents alongside our Statement of Faith (which declares what we believe) in declaring who we are and what we do.

Our singular mission: The Fellowship (local churches, Regions, and National ministries) is

“A movement of churches making passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.”

This single phrase encapsulates the Fellowship’s “one singular theory”—our mission in a sentence. Check out the following four-minute video that wonderfully describes our mission, vision, and identity as an association of Baptist churches. Consider using this video in your membership class as a way to introduce new members to the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada, or as part of the upcoming Fellowship Day of Prayer on Sunday, November 12.

We Are the Fellowship video