President's Blog

an Important Day to PRAY!

On Sunday, November 19, 2017 all churches and friends of the Fellowship are encouraged to gather for prayer. This is an opportunity for our churches to lay aside some time in their worship service (or other venue) for prayer for our Fellowship churches, Regions, missionaries, chaplains, pastors, church planters and National/Regional staff. A pastoral prayer, several folks leading in prayer, or breaking into prayer huddles are all ways you can participate.

I would encourage you to watch the excellent We Are the Fellowship video (4 min) that introduces the mission and vision of our movement of churches and how our Regions and National Ministries support our local churches. Also available on the same site is a copy of our Fellowship Directional Document (FDD) which serves as our statement of faith as an entire movement. This document clearly identifies who we are and what we do as local churches.


You can find both the FDD document and video at

I hope we will all gather together on Sunday, November 19, 2017 to PRAY together. Asking the Lord to open the windows of Heaven to bless our churches as we advance the Gospel in Canada and beyond.