Multiplied Discipleship

Lebanon is facing one of the world’s greatest economic crashes in the past 200 years. As the economic struggles continue in Lebanon, it has become nearly impossible for people to find the basic medical supplies that they need for their families. In response, FAIR is supporting the medical care ministry of Fellowship International missionaries Bechara and Roula Karkafi, and their partners this spring through the Lebanon Medical Care initiative. Below is a story from Bechara and Roula after a team of pastors from Canada came with them to Lebanon.


In March 2022, we were blessed with the visit of a team of pastors from The Fellowship in Canada. The team was divided into groups with local servants from Trinity Baptist Church to carry out home visits to Lebanese families. Through our Multiplied Discipleship ministry of outreach and relief, we serve 600-700 families within the Keserwan and Byblos provinces.

One of the families whom we visited is Abi Lotfi’s family. They live with two boys and one married daughter. Sadly, one of the sons suffers from kidney disease and they can’t afford to buy food or medicine. Their hopelessness and desperation led them to lose their faith in God and the Church. However, we showed them compassion by offering food baskets and medicine, and by having regular spiritual follow-ups (home visits, phone calls, etc.).

During our visit, one of the Canadian servants shared his testimony with this family. We could see them interact with the message and they expressed how they were encouraged by it. This family was able to see God’s true love that was reflected through the care and the time that we as a ministry and a church had invested in them.

Before the end of this specific visit, this family declared their faith in our Lord who is Almighty and capable of providing for their every need. They believed that He will never leave them and that He loves them so dearly and wants them to be saved.

After that visit, we were surprised to see them in our church. They were comfortable and joyful. What is touching is that they kept on repeating one single statement several times. They said, “Our Lord sent YOU.”


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Join us in praying that many people in Lebanon would find their hope in Jesus as they also receive the medical care and food support that they need.