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The Federal government's plan for Pro-Life groups

This Sunday we all seek to honour our mothers and grandmothers. We should. They brought us life and love. Someone once said, “The mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom.”

However, the pro-life cause recently received news that the current federal government plans to scrutinize pro-life organizations to discover if they offer “dishonest counseling” while caring for clients. Those organizations deemed to be doing so will potentially lose their charitable status. In the Prime Minister’s mandate letter to two of his Cabinet ministers (December 16, 2021), the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Equity, he directed them to begin the scrutinizing process (I read the mandate letter online).

Fellowship National sent a letter to the PM and two Ministers in February expressing our concern with this action due to the lack of clear definition of what is considered “dishonest counsel” along with concern with how the government’s view might migrate to the beliefs and values of our pro-life local churches. I encourage you to become aware of this recent decision by the federal government and be praying especially for our newest Fellowship partners.

Our Partner: Pregnancy Care Canada

In 2019 our Fellowship joined hands with PCC, established in 1997, in a formal partnership with hopes that this alignment might encourage more Fellowship churches and donors to get involved in the protection of the unborn.

“PCC’s mission is to be a Christ-centred national organization dedicated to upholding life by equipping pregnancy care centres and local communities with resources, education, and support to compassionately serve those challenged by an unexpected pregnancy.”

Each pregnancy care centre affiliated to PCC must agree to their “Commitment of Care and Competence” statement. In 2020, dozens of centres across Canada reported:

  • 31,717 men and women accessed help at a PCC-affiliated pregnancy care centre (158,883 since 1997)

  • 7,015 clients received materials and supplies such as diapers, formula, and clothing (182,998 items since 1997)

  • 1,624 clients were supported through parenting programs (31,733 since 1997)

  • 624 women requested and received support after their abortion (9,810 since 1997)

What you and your church can do

Our Fellowship Aid and International Relief (FAIR) department has identified one particular strategic initiative to emphasize in our formal partnership with PCC. That is the starting of new pregnancy care centres across Canada. Without pregnancy care centres located in communities, the unborn remain at risk.

We encourage churches and donors to seek more information at and consider a donation toward this noble endeavor. Go online and download PCC’s “Essentials Manual: Essentials to starting a Pregnancy Centre” or download their FAQ and clarification booklet (6 pages).

The manual is a time-tested, step-by-step guide to help you and your church(es) navigate the many processes and decisions required to see a care centre become a reality in your community. It all starts with just ONE person and maybe that person is you!

Lastly, please pray for the PCC’s Executive Director, Dr. Laura Lewis and Chair of Directors Rev. Doug Blair, as they guide this critically important ministry during potentially turbulent times when the federal government has decided to unduly scrutinize all pro-life organizations.