Escape from Ukraine

On February 24, Russia openly attacked the country and people of Ukraine. Since then over four million have fled the country in search of safety. Fellowship International missionaries serving in Poland have had the privilege of assisting those fleeing their homeland. They recently told us about one of those they have helped, “A”, a Ukrainian woman who escaped Ukraine with her family.

"A", her husband, two children, and parents woke up in their home in Ukraine to the news that a war had started. They read that the Russian army was approaching their city, but in spite of the fact that nearby cities were already being bombed, "A" and her family didn’t leave. Their hope was that the war would be stopped. Instead, they soon found that various city facilities—colleges, hospitals, government buildings, army blocks, and airports—were destroyed.

While the main issue of finding refuge was vitally important, finding food, which had become scarce, and providing medical attention for her daughters, both of whom have cancer, became even more critical needs.

"A" knew it was time for her and her family to leave their home and flee to Poland. They heard about evacuation trains which took children and women to Lviv, which at that time was still untouched. As "A" waited for the train with her family she heard bombs falling next to the railway station. As they boarded they saw that the train was completely full — two to three people were sharing a seat in order to take as many people as possible to safety.

They were able to safely travel to Poland and were received at a church in Zamość where Fellowship International missionaries are providing refuge to those fleeing. It is here that they are given food, a warm shower, and a place to sleep. They are able to experience being part of the body of Christ, and to rest there until further arrangements can be made for them. In this time of hardship the Gospel has provided an extra comfort to the hearts of Ukrainians.

Please pray for "A", her family, and the countless other Ukrainians who are in the midst of tremendous heartache. Pray for peace as they continue to grieve all that they have lost and the uncertain future that is ahead for them. Pray for the Lord’s comfort to be theirs and that they would have a strong sense of the Holy Spirit in the coming days, weeks, and months. Pray for energy and strength for the staff and volunteers who are providing for the needs of Ukrainian refugees.

We encourage you to join us in helping Ukrainians, just like "A", by giving to FAIR’s Ukraine emergency fund at here.