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Immediate HELP When You Need it!

October was Pastor Appreciation Month! I hope we thanked our pastors on Thanksgiving weekend and that they got some much deserved rest on the long weekend, too. It’s so important to recharge our batteries. You can’t keep charging without recharging.

The Psalmist reminds us of God’s desire for each of us to find adequate rest, saying in Psalm 127:2 (Message): “It is useless to rise up early and go to bed late and work your worried fingers to the bone. Don’t you know that God enjoys giving rest to those He loves?”

Did you catch that? God enjoys it when we have a good rest. So do something spiritual today… have a nap this afternoon? God is very clear about our need for rest. To ignore His fourth commandment is foolish. When we function outside the way God designed us, we are headed for trouble: spiritual, emotional and physical burn-out. A Sabbath rest each week is commanded to rest the body, recharge our emotions and refocus our spirit… sounds like a three point sermon, eh?!


If you are feeling overwhelmed today, please contact someone. I know there are resources available in each of our Regions to support you.

One such support is the Clergy Care Network (CCN). Our National Fellowship pays for free phone counselling help for all personnel of The Fellowship including pastors, missionaries and chaplains, along with their spouses and children. Access is FREE to you.

The number is 1-888-5-CLERGY.

CCN is provided by Focus on the Family and developed in conjunction with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. Its purpose is to provide a listening ear. Pastors, missionaries, chaplains and their families can access the CCN help line through e-mail or by using a toll-free number. Callers can remain anonymous if they choose. The staff of the Clergy Care Help Line can:

Provide initial counseling and crisis intervention. If needed, provide a referral to a CCN-approved counselor in the area. However, please note that the cost of the additional counseling is the responsibility of the individual. This cost may or may not be covered by your group coverage; the Fellowship Health Plan does provide modest coverage for recognized counsellors with accepted credentials. Introduce the caller to a retreat facility or treatment centre in the area. Provide resources and advice to pastors regarding particular family counseling situations they face in their church. Pray with the caller.

Your call is completely confidential. No one from your church or our National/Regional offices will know that you made a call.

Need some support? Make the call!