President's Blog

Introducing the “Equip Series”

Dealing with information overload is everyone’s challenge.

The Equip series, a new resource provided by Fellowship Chaplaincy offers a response to this reality. Out of their training and experience, Fellowship chaplains have been invited to write brief introductory texts on relevant topics, focusing on the practical. These texts are narrated and put into a video format in both English and French. Averaging 10 minutes in length, Equip videos provide simple handles to help initiate any ministry personnel in pertinent matters related to serving others. We’re so grateful for our trained chaplains who are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience to all who seek to be effective in their work with people both outside and inside our churches.

Fellowship Chaplaincy is pleased to launch the Equip series with the following five videos:

Confidentiality by Todd Riley (chaplain to firefighter, Mississauga, ON)

How to Listen by Larry Freeman (former hospital and long-term care chaplain, Parry Sound, ON)

Critical Theory 1 and 2 by Neil Shenvi (used with permission)

Loss and Grief by Shannon Pharoah (hospital chaplain, Guelph, ON)

Visit the Fellowship National Website to view the Equip videos in both English and French. There will be a growing library of topics available in the months and years to come. While the videos were created to provide practical ministry advice to our Fellowship chaplains, these brief videos will provide sound counsel for pastors, church leaders, and members on topics helpful for the church. Use them in your staff meetings, growth groups, mentoring ministry, or for individual edification.

I trust you will find them a helpful resource.